• UMTS 900 :

over 1066 sites in 11 provinces (Gilan, Ardebil, Lorestan, Zanjan, Markazi, Ilam, Kordestan, East Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, Qom, Mazandaran )

  • Region  1 , 2 , 4  of MTNIrancell network : include of Activating U900 technology in capital cities of in 7 provinces as well whole across MAZANDARAN Province to enhance the 3G Indoor coverage and Blind spots in Dense Urban areas in the main cities plus Capacity Supplementary for UMTS 2100 MHz. In Mazandaran Province to extend 3G Coverage in Suburban & Rural areas with No UMTS coverage yet and low voice traffic and no data service
  • LTE TDD 3500 :

over 342 site in 7 provinces ( Ardebil, Lorestan, Zanjan, Markazi, Ilam, Kordestan, Mazandaran ) 

  • Region 1 , 2 , 4 of MTNIrancell network : include of  Planning, Implementation and Optimize LTE TDD


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