Maintenance of Irancell KN Network

Continuing  HDC Co. targets, after expanding Mobile network in all country ; the necessity of maintaining the network was highlighted more for HDC CO, and due to the big available teams on filed and also in back office; we  invited by MTNI  to maintain one of the worst networks which was KOOHENOOR network . In this regard for better   serving to MTNI  we entered to a 3sides consortium with ICI and Flip Co. and  we are  maintaining this network  from one year ago  with  good  achievements in TCHA and other milestones which are important for customer

  • This project is processing by consortium including 3 company (HDC/FlipNet /ICI)
  • 759 sites in 24 provinces( whole Iran)
  • Sites are located in far villages with problematic roads
  • All sites transmission system are VSAT and are sensitive to weather condition
  • This network doesn’t have any healthy battery

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