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Unit 504 level 5 Sana Complex, Farmanieh St, Andarzgoo blvd, Tehran, Iran
+98 21 4022 2712


What we do in Hirad Design & Constructure



HDC was born in 2014 by endevours of group of Telecom professionals, as one of providers of Technical and managerial services in Iran. This company has been cooperating with great Network providers of country as contractor of telecom services especially when new technologies were intorduced to Iranian market, We have played a crutial role in modernization of Iran's cellular networks with equipment of well-known vendors such as Huawei, Ericsson and ZTE.

philosophy of HDC existence goes back to era of unfair Economical sanctions against Iran, In the time many International vendors left or limited their activities, HDC caring managers, felt the national commitment to achieve independence from these vendors to fulfill Operators needs and provided many improvements in quality of their services. we ar glad that in the past year, HDC acquired the dominant proportion of Modrnization scope over Huawei. Also in ZTE, Ericsson and Huawei regions we took over the whole Roll out project based on shiny background and trust we gained.


Our advantages

professional Telecom project management

Considering successful background of HDC's Managers, HDC has successfully attracted trust from a major operator which resulted outsourcing of management of half of this operator's subcontractors to HDC.

Distinct Technical Team

Presence of Telecom professionals from famous and world class companies, vendors and Operators such as Ericsson, Huawei, MTN and MCCI in fields of Planning, Design, Optimization, Integration, Microwave, Transmission, Field Test and Post porcessing has made HDC a shining Service provider.

Multi-Technology/Multi-Vendor Experience

HDC is one of few Telecom Companies inside country with ability and experience of Multi-Technology/Multi-Vendor projects.